10 Majors of the Future: Now's the Time to Get to Know Them!

02 March 2024


10 Majors of the Future: Now's the Time to Get to Know Them!


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The future is full of opportunities for individuals seeking stable and well-paying careers through higher education.

One of the most in-demand degrees for the future is Sustainable and Renewable Energy. This program prepares students to become leaders in the green economy by teaching them how policy change affects the natural world and how to increase awareness of our planet's natural resources. Graduates can work as scientists or technicians, with many pursuing graduate school as well. Top schools for this degree include Illinois State University and Penn State World Campus.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology is another degree that can lead to a stable and lucrative career. Students in this program learn about hiring and staffing, how people behave on the job, leadership, and management. Since most jobs in psychology require a master's degree, students are encouraged to pursue graduate school. U.S. News and World Report ranks this job #3 in best science jobs and #26 in best STEM jobs. Southern New Hampshire University is a top school for this degree.

Atmospheric Sciences explores weather and environment-related topics and prepares students to become meteorologists. Graduates can work for government agencies such as NOAA and the National Weather Service or private consulting firms. UMASS Lowell and the University of North Dakota have top programs for this degree.

Game Design is a degree that can lead to a career in building and playing video games for companies such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Graduates can find many job openings since this is one of the most in-demand careers. Lindenwood University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and The University of Arizona are among the top programs for game design.

Epidemiology teaches students about diseases, what causes them, and how to prevent them. Graduates can work in labs, colleges, pharmaceutical companies, or public health agencies, but they need a graduate degree. Indiana University and the University of Illinois Chicago are among the top schools for this degree.

The Internet of Things (IoT) program teaches students about how devices "talk" to each other, from watches to home security systems. Students take courses that explore topics such as cybersecurity, data analysis, an introduction to computer design, and sensors for IoT, preparing them for high demand jobs. Florida International University and the University of New Mexico are among the top schools for this degree.

Finally, Robotics is a degree that prepares students to code and program robots or robotic elements. Students take courses that teach them how to design and operate robots, making them ready for their dream job in the field. Bachelor's programs in robotics cover computer and engineering courses. By carefully considering their interests, goals, and strengths, students can make an informed decision that sets them on the path to a fulfilling and successful career.

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