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Agreement Conditions

  1. Summary of the Agreement
    1. ‘Employee’ agrees to ensure the ‘Employer’s participation in language (English) courses and training on various subjects organized in the ‘Employer’s enterprise; to obtain admission from the education entity located in a foreign country on the program chosen by ‘Employer’; to provide the necessary support for ‘Employer’s safe travel (obtaining the visa and arranging flight tickets) to a foreign country and accommodating, And the ‘Employer’ agrees to disburse the agreed service fee to the ‘Employee’.
  2. Liabilities of the Parties
    1. “Employee” is obliged:
      1. To register the ‘Employer’ in the training courses organized at the ‘Employee’s enterprise and provide therelated course schedule;
      2. To ensure the ‘Employer’s participation in the classes determined based on his academic skills 
      3. To provide the ‘Employer’ with the necessary learning materials;
      4. To provide the additional prices in case if the ‘Employer’ is required to increase the number of workshops in order to successfully complete the course; and to make necessary amendments on the class schedule once the mutual agreement has been made;
      5. To arrange certificate testing once the ‘Employer’ has completed the course, and to award the Certificate based on the test results;
      6. To provide the ‘Employer’ all the related information about the entry requirements to the Institution abroad;
      7. To run necessary negotiations and correspondences with the Institution abroad;
      8. To arrange the on-time delivery of the soft and hard copies of the related documents and statements to the Institution abroad required by the Institution and submitted by the ‘Employer’;
      9. To submit the soft and hard copies of the admission offer, invitations and other related documents to the ‘Employer’ which has been sent by the Institution and belongs to the ‘Employer’;
      10. To book accommodation for the ‘Employer’ in a foreign country according to his desire;
      11. To inform the ‘Employer’ about the deposit payment amount for the accommodation and due date if required;
      12. To arrange flight tickets for the ‘Employer’ on the required destination and on-arrival pick-up in case of necessity;
      13. To have the ‘Employer’ insured by one of the reliable Insurance Companies and ensure medical and travel insurance during the study period;
      14. To appoint a responsible person for the ‘Employer’ as an emergency contact abroad in case of any accidental situation emerged in a foreign country;
      15. The ‘Employee’ is not responsible for the ‘Employer’s exclusion from the Institutions abroad and/or for his being unable to complete the study for any reason.
    2. ‘Employer’ is obliged:
      1. To ensure carefully usage of material sources (learning facilities, electronic devices, and classroom equipment) entrusted to the ‘Employer’; to prevent any possible damage and perishing;
      2. To attend the classes according to the schedule provided by the ‘Employee’ (‘Employee’ does not carry any responsibility for the unattended classes by the ‘Employer’).
      3. To disburse the required fee for the registration in the electronic system of the Institution abroad;
      4. To submit the necessary documents to the ‘Employee’ required by the Institution abroad;
      5. To transfer the deposit amount onto the given account in order to reserve an accommodation in the selected area abroad, if required;
      6. To make the necessary payment to the ‘Employee’ once the flight tickets, medical and travel insurance, visa support has been made by the ‘Employee’;
      7. To reach the necessary level of International English Language qualification included in the Institution’s application requirement;
      8. ‘Employee’ is not obliged to refund the certain payment in case the ‘Employer’ refuses to accept the admission offer received from the Institution abroad.
  3. Remuneration and payment
    1. The ‘Employer’ must pay the agreed payment amount to the ‘Employee’ within 5 (five) days. 
  4. Force-Majeure
    1. Nobody of the agreement parties carries any responsibility for the unfulfilled and/or unproperly fulfilled agreement liabilities caused by natural disasters (fire, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters, war, blockade, restrictions applied by the Government and etc.) or any force-majeure cases unbound to any of the parties.
    2. After removal of the emergency case (force majeure) the parties make a mutual agreement on their future activities and actions.
    3. In case of the force-majeure situation continues more than 45 (forty-five) days one or both parties hold the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement.
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